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Some Ways to be Safe with Fleet Tracking in Pakistan

TrackQlik#1 Fleet Tracking in Pakistan enables you to keep your cars in top shape, receive timely problem alerts, and schedule routine maintenance. By encouraging excellent driving behaviours, driver scorecards can help minimise collisions, vehicle damage, and fuel waste. A dependable fleet is your best business card. To answer your consumers’ demands faster, provide ETAs and…

7 Ways to Control After Sale Software in Saudi Arabia

TrackQlik#1 After Sale Software in Saudi Arabia is important for any enterprise that sells items and services, after income will absolute confidence be a key contributor to copy enterprise and patron pride.Businesses which include vehicle income, jewellers, garb income or any sort of system sale like electronics, equipment or plant, want to have tactics in…

What are the Implementation and Uses of Mobile Biometric In Pakistan

TrackQlik#1 Mobile Biometric In Pakistan allows users to utilise their existing smartphones instead of purchasing new hardware which ultimately saves money.Password-based authentication is no longer sufficient to safeguard applications and software tools in an increasingly digitised environment. Configuring weak passwords for user accounts has been blamed for the bulk of data breaches and thefts in…

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